Orchestral Music

Kopavi was composed by Don Robertson in 1992 and orchestrated the following year. During 1994, the composer created a full complement of parts making the composition ready for performance.
Kopavi is a work that describes a personal spiritual unfolding through music and dance. The word Kopavi comes from the Hopi language and refers to the spiritual center at the top of the head, or the crown chakra.
The work opens with a simple statement of the principal theme (the spiritual quest of man) played by principal cello, followed by a short section performed by the principal cello, viola, and first and second violins (a string quartet). This resolves into a section performed by the entire string section of the orchestra. This music describes the longing by the aspirant for spiritual attainment and fulfillment. Next a solo flute enters with the another theme (the spiritual fulfillment by God), and the work continues.
Kopavi progresses from its slow beginning through a gradual build up to an ecstatic climax. The very end of the work returns to the string quartet to produce the last chords. Only the very last few bars of the work are included in this recording.
Don Robertson, as he has proven time and time again, is introducing listeners to a new kind of classical music. As we venture further into the twenty-first century, the spell that was cast over classical music during the previous century–with the preponderance of negative, atonal, mechanical, and intellectual music—is dissipating and a return to music of the highest quality is at hand.