Music Archive

This seminar was given by Don Robertson at the Christian Community of San Francisco on April 14, 1978. This talk can be downloaded in two parts:

Part One of “Music: What it is and What it Does” About 1-hour long.
Part Two of “Music: What it is and What it Does” About 1-hour long.


Piano Improvisation, 1980

Zyther performance From a concert with Constance Demby given in San Rafael California on December 7, 1981

Early On

Don Robertson playing a version of MalegueƱa on guitar 1960

An excerpt from Don Robertson’s weekly radio show on a Denver radio station 1955

Odd and Ends

First Piece This is the first piece that Don Robertson created using synthesizers. Created in 1980, at that time the composer did not have professional equipment at hand. For this reason, this piece has never been a part of a recording project.

Shower of Nector Recorded by Don Robertson (zyther) and Stephen Couglin (reeds) in about 1982 and appearing on an album by Stephen Couglin called The Song of the Reed, Fortuna FOR-010.

JFK Demo Created for Jerry DiPinto about 1988.