Recorded during the spring of 1969.
Recorded at Columbus Recorders, San Francisco, CA. George Horn, Engineer; Recorded at Pacific High Studios. Dan Healy, Engineer
Recorded and mixed at Amigo Studios, North Hollywood. Hank Cicalo, Engineer; Limelight LS-86067 (Mercury Records, Inc)

Celestial Ascent
Two zyther improvisations recorded in Santa Rosa, CA in 1980.
Originally issued on cassette by DBR Music, now available by download:
Oracle of Love
Isis Unveiled

Composed: 1981
See the Resurrection page.

Composed: 1982
See the Starmusic page.

Composed: 1984
See the Spring page.

Composed: 1982, 1986
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Castles in the Sun
Composed: 1988
See the Castles in the Sun page.

Composed: 1999
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Composed: 2000
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Celestial Voyager
Composed: 1986, 1987 and 1999
See the Celestial Voyager page.

Alpine Symphony
Composed: 1999
See the Alpine Symphony page.

Composed: 2000
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Yo Ki
Composed: 2001
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Known albums that Don Robertson played on
as a studio musician

Neon Princess
Tom Parrott Folkways FT 1009. Don Robertson, lead guitar and sitar

Bobby Callender MGMSE-4557. Don Robertson tamboura, sitar, percussion

The Lotus Palace
The Alan Lorber Orchestra. Verve V6-8711. Don Robertson, tamboura

Produced by Tom Wilson. Verve FTS-3030. Don Robertson, tabla and tamboura

Produced and arranged by Alan Lorber. MGM SE-4524. Don Robertson, tamboura

The Song of the Reed
by Stephen Coughlin. Fortuna FOR-010. Don Robertson, Zyther

Inner Sanctum
Aeoliah. Don Robertson, piano. Helios CD-011

Don played a sitar solo on an album by a trumpet player with orchestral accompanyment in about 1968. We haven’t located the title or artist yet.