Short Piece for Violin and Piano

Composed: 1962

Moments Avant de Partir

Composed: 1963
Don Robertson composed this orchestra work in three movements with his guitar while he was in the Navy at Long Beach, California. The first and second movements were generously performed in a rehersal by the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra. Because of the limitations of the guitar, his failed to properly voice chords and to create correct voice leadings, so he decided to take up a serious self-study of the piano, which he did at this time.

The Negative Compositions

Three Pieces for Two Clarinets

Composed: 1966


Composed: 1966
For piano, percussion and narrator


Composed: 1967
For electric guitar, two vibraphoes, piano, celesta, harmonica, tuba, glockenspiel, french horn, clarinet, bassoon and percussion.

The “Glissandi” String Quartet

Composed: 1967
This string quartet was composed only using glissandi. No exact pitches were used.


Composed: 1967
This composition was written with the guidance of Morton Feldmen and was premiered that same year in San Diego, California by bassist Bertram Turetzky. For flute, guitar and bass.

Piece For Five Instruments

Composed: 1967
Composed for performance in class at Julliard School of Music. Flute, Clairinet, Violin, Viola and Cello.


Composed: 1967
A very ugly piece commisioned for an ameteur film.

Concerto For FM and Noise Elements

Composed in 1967
Created using an FM radio and sound effects

Music for Guitar and Piano

Composed: 1967
Because of the negative mode of this composition, the composer no longer supports it. However, it is available here for historical interest only.

Dans le Fauteuil

Composed: 1967
For voice and piano, based on a poem by Art

A Dream

Composed: 1967
For piano, celesta, signal generator and percussion

5 Piano Pieces

Composed: 1967
These five pieces were written while Don Robertson was studying with Morton Feldman. In these compositions, the composer first experimented with sparse textures
Five Piano Pieces Number 1
Five Piano Pieces Number 2
Five Piano Pieces Number 3
Five Piano Pieces Number 4
Five Piano Pieces Number 5

MU for Horn and Piano

Composed: 1967
Inspired while riding the MU (multiple-unit suburban trains of the Pennsylvania Railroad) in New Jersey in 1968. Performed in recital at Julliard School of Music with the horn part being played by a clarient instead. This original recording is probably in the archives of the Julliard School of Music

Music for Clarinet and Piano

Composed: 1967

“Infinity” for Piano

Composed: 1967
Four sections of music that can be played in any order, over and over and reoccuring.

Voice and Keyboard

Composed: 1967
A circular composition on a piece of cardboard with a ‘spin’ arrow used to determine where to start.

The Card Piece

Composed: 1967
Recording might be available in archives of Julliard School of Music
This composition consisted of written instructions typed onto 3×5 cards and handed to the musicians at the Julliard School of Music as they entered the room.

Two Compositions for Piano

Composed: 1968
Duochord Piece Number 1

Two Very Short Duochordal Compositions for Violin

Composed: 1968

Last Piece

Composed: October 1967-July 1968
Don Robertson decided in October of 1967 to write the ‘ultimate’ duochord composition. He brought it to Morton Feldman’s home every Saturday morning where the two spent hours looking it over. Feldman felt that the concept of the duochord left the composition to sparse, with fewer musical intervals to work with but finally stated that as he and John Cage had gone beyond the point where their teachers had been, so must had Don Robertson in this composition. Trying to deal with the many relationships between notes to keep them as close as possible to the intervals he was working with was very difficult and the composer wished he had a computer to help him solve these problems. Written for trumpet, bass clarinet, guitar, violin, contrabass and percussion.

Positive Compositions


Composed: 1964 in Denver, Colorado

Julliard Song

Composed: 1967 New York City.
For flute, clarinet, violin, viola and cello.
Recording from the Archives of the Julliard School of Music

Five Instrumental Songs

Composed: 1967

Ballad of a Young Girl

Composed: 1967.
Words by Tom Bernath
Recording made about 1970. Singer and pianist unknown

Four Songs

Composed: 1969
Recorded at Mercury Records Studio, San Francisco, California in 1969


I Can See I’m Not Understood

It’s a Heavy Trip (That’s Going Down)


Piano Fantasy

Composed: 1973

Anthem: Concerto in Seven Movements

Composed: 1982
See the Dovesong Anthem page

Kopavi: Ballet for Orchestra and Chorus

Composed: 1992
See the Kopavi Page

String Quartet “Southern Wind”

Composed: 1996-2000
See the String Quartet page

Alpine Symphony

Composed: 1999
Score will be made available.
MP3 samples and description of album are on DoveSong Alpine Symphony page.

Yo Ki

Composed: 2001
A composition based exclusively on the pathagorian pentatonic scale. It was recorded by Don Robertson in home studio in the spring of 2001.
MP3 samples and a description of this composition can be found on the DoveSong Yo Ki page.